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Quiz - Tunnels

  1. Why is Gibby pre-occupied with Director Valdez’s airplane and helicopter?
    Gibby enlisted in the Navy to be a fighter pilot but was not selected.
  2. Who first discovered that the refueling tanker was actually a drone?
    The substitute airfield maintenance crew member.
  3. Where did Angelie meet her twin brother?
    On the evacuation bus when he was sent by the DPRK to kill her.
  4. Why was the tunnel explosion bigger than expected?
    The melting snow turned to water and seeped into the ground trapped below the drone bomb explosion and the underground explosions.  When the trapped water transformed into gaseous oxygen and hydrogen, it added an unexpected fuel source that contributed to the explosion.
  5. Why did the tunnel supervisor suspect Tae’s wife of knowing about the invasion tunnel?
    He saw her unique Louis Vuitton purse.
  6. Why did the code that Lt. Kyle Benjamin enter into the arming device fail?
    He entered the wrong code.  It was only supposed to be his birth month and day.  A four-digit code.  He entered a six-digit code that included his birth year.
  7. What device did Kyle Benjamin use to survey the DPRK side of the invasion tunnel?
    A mini-drone.
  8. Who killed the night guard saving everyone from being killed?
    Tae’s father.
  9. Who did Director Valdez secretly meet in the underground road under Washington DC?
    The President of the United States (POTUS).
  10. How did the Agency smuggle out Tae’s family from Korea?
    Deep inside a Chinese cargo ship.
  11. Where was Tae’s family relocated to?
    Koreatown in Los Angeles, California.