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Vista, CA

Quiz - Rule One Twenty

  1. Where was the hospital that Curt was first taken to?
    San Jose, California
  2. Where was the commercial passenger airplane flying to before it was destroyed by the Agency?
    Honolulu, Hawaii
  3. What does Rule One Twenty Mean?
    There is a one in twenty chance that during the commission of an Agency murder committed in an urban setting that an innocent bystander(s) will need to also be murdered.
  4. How does Curt infiltrate the Agency Building?
    He poses as a photocopy technician
  5. Who prevents the Agency from finding Curt?
    Lt. Colonel Diane Klein
  6. Which character betrays both Curt and Melody pretending to help them out?
    Senator Anthony
  7. How is Drakeson assassinated at the New Bay Meadows Race track?
    An Agent poisons his bloody Mary drink.
  8. How did Curt first learn about the existence of the Agency?
    Using his surveillance cameras, Curt watches two agents spying on his neighbor.
  9. How did Curt’s house blow up?
    While smoking a cigarette, Curt accidentally causes a gas leak explosion on the kitchen stove.
  10. Why did Lt. Colonel Diane Klein help Curt?
    She blames the Agency for killing her niece.  She doesn’t understand how the Agency could have allowed her niece to be a passenger on the plane knowing that they were going to destroy it.