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RELEASED: June 6, 2017

Tunnels is a military, spy, action thriller novel based on historical fiction. The reader follows secret mission HUMMINGBIRD (a new US subterranean spy satellite deployed over the Korean DMZ (demilitarized zone above the 38th parallel)). The satellite’s sole purpose is to detect the presence of underground invasion tunnels excavated by the DPRK (North Korea) into South Korea. A new US Agency recruit, Lt. Kyle Benjamin, is assigned to a solo-mission to infiltrate and plant a wireless surveillance system inside the tunnel. Later, using the installed system, he must deliver and place special bomb packages inside the underground labyrinth to destroy the invasion tunnel. In order to disguise the tunnel’s purposeful destruction from the world, the Agency must select the best option to accomplish all of their goals.

Like a fly on the wall, the reader watches the backroom drama unfold. Tunnels explores all things required to pull off this clandestine mission which places the US in a de facto state of war. The mission HUMMINGBIRD requires a unique cast of characters, who must remain isolated, giving the US Government feasible deniability should the mission fail. High-tech satellites, weapons, mini-drones and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle disguised as a Refueling Tanker are used to destroy the tunnel. The story line is complicated by the discovery of Tae, a North Korean civilian, who uses a natural underground lava tube that runs adjacent to the excavation tunnel. Tae is not a defector, but rather uses the tunnel to survive the challenges of the North Korea environment, where the weather is extreme and resources are scarce. Tae travels back and forth to secure much needed food and medical supplies.

Tunnels uncovers the ongoing game of cat and mouse between countries motivated to spy on each other. We’re granted a glimpse into the recruitment, training, and deployment of the DPRK’s newest agent Angelie. Her first assignment is deep cover, through adoption is a US citizen posing as an International English Teacher assigned to a small village inside the DMZ. This covert mission takes Angelie back to her birth place Korea, where her loyalties will be tested. The reader is introduced to the circumstances that befall covert operatives on both sides.

The book starts inside the DMZ at the precise moment an invasion tunnel is discovered. Follow the challenges of Lt. Benjamin, Angelie, Tae and the other cast of characters through this non-stop action packed journey. Will these new recruits survive their first mission? Will the high-tech devices used serve their purpose? Can the Agency destroy the tunnel without their actions being uncovered by the international community? Or will their efforts result in the spark that sets off the next World War? Tunnels exposes the true deep seated reasons for the conflict between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). The conflict has origins that started thousands of years ago and still exist today. 

Available in paperback and eBook (Kindle)