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Sentinel Event Cover
In “Sentinel Event” E.A. Padilla pieces together layers of complex characters, government agencies, blood lines, history, and conspiracy theories set on a global stage to weave a gripping story of intrigue. As a stand alone, this read is entertaining. As a sequel to his first book “Rule One Twenty”, the connection is deeper and even more engaging. There is information to gather, leads to follow, and mysteries to solve. There are people to meet, including those who will be targeted for elimination. At times it may be unclear who the bad guys are. As with Padilla’s other novels, the excitement and element of surprise escalate as the story moves toward its brilliant and unexpected end. Looking forward to seeing how these characters develop in the anticipated sequels!
— Roberta F.


published: February 17, 2019

Sentinel Event brings the story to a conclusion. Learn how Curt Anderson's semi-retired Stasi-Agent grandfather Cornelius Van Alest (aka The Lone Wolf) taps into his global network of covert operatives to rescue Curt from the clutches of the US Agency. Watch Diane Klein as she second guesses her split-second decision to help Curt and begins to regret her knee-jerk reaction, motivated to uncover what happened to her niece Gina.

Delve into a new cast of characters assigned to track down the John Doe, who is assumed to be Curt. Meet the US's newest covert international operative Roberta Finchum; recently promoted Computer Forensic Specialist Julie Walters; upcoming star Agent Chapin; FBI Agent Gall; and Winstead, the Lone Wolf's main go-to guy. Watch the events unfold as The Lone Wolf tries to protect his grandson.

Get reacquainted with the Korean-based Agency Team, led by Director Valdez, Kyle and Moon Dog, as they use their satellite expertise to help unravel the shell game to track down this John Doe. Sentinel Event brings the mystery surrounding Curt Anderson to an apparent conclusion through non-stop action, mayhem, twists and turns. Get prepared for a dramatic reveal—something not even Diane Klein saw coming.

Available in paperback and eBook (Kindle)

Great read. I would suggest reading Rule One Twenty and then Tunnels as this book incorporates characters from both books and brings the characters to life. Great Read!
— Michele R.
Sentinel Event is a book which is hard to put down. The characters are interesting and the story line is exciting; the many twists and turns make this a good read. The writing was clear and concise which made picturing the action easy and enjoyable. Well done!
— Lisa B.