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Vista, CA


Author Bio


Having the experience of being raised in a small farming/cattle community in Northern California, while briefly living in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange & San Diego Counties, combined with his experience as an insurance claims adjustor, gives Padilla a unique point of view. One that enriches his storytelling skills. Padilla pulls from real life experiences, using not only his journey throughout the US to assist and temporarily relocate to these devastated areas (floods, earthquakes, tornadoes & fire storms) but also through his investigations into the unusual legal pitfalls of humanity. From improbable injuries, rape and murder, Padilla's decades of insurance and legal resolution in these matters, took him literally into court rooms, where he developed a deep understanding about the entire tort and legal process. It's no surprise that his reading influences were early Stephen King, Tom Clancy and John Grisham.

Padilla's multi-layered educational background (originally a Physics Major but later graduating with a BA in Economics and a minor in Psychology) provides a deeper understanding delving into several unrelated disciplines. Padilla taps into all of his experiences to provide his readers with different writing style providing multiple points of views, rich and balanced, avoiding overly complicated details while still entertaining.

Padilla's books start with some "tidbit" of historically accurate circumstance, then crafts a multi-layered intertwining plot. One intended to be mysterious and suspenseful, taking the reader through unpredictable action and mayhem with surprising twists and turns. Padilla is an avid movie goer and tries his best to write stories providing concise imagery creating vivid mental pictures.