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Vista, CA


RELEASED: March 31, 2016

Follow a woman’s journey from her homeland of Korea to Los Angeles and experience her struggle adjusting to a new culture, while being pursued by two men.  However, things are not as they seem. Jonathan, a sensitive, honest, upstanding person, has an outward appearance and personality which gives people the wrong first impression while the other suitor, Cameron, has just the opposite effect. He has made a life at mastering positive first impressions, while having a corrupt amoral personality.

Hye-Jin’s courage, as she breaks a promise to her family, gives her the opportunity to grow as a person. However, those decisions may have boxed her into circumstances preventing her from uncovering the best path.  The freedom of choice may represent the only lesson Hye-Jin can take away from the experience.  Her goals and aspirations, her pursuit of happiness, appear to be only theoretical concepts that she unwittingly relinquished.  This story details her slide into darkness as she witnesses a tragic accidental death of a good friend, followed by the murder of the most important person in her life.

Michaso is the Korean word meaning crazy.  Hye-Jin’s judgment seems sound.  The people she allows into her life seem to make sense.  Sometimes, none of that matters.  If life’s lessons aren’t learned, one may be forced to relive it over and over again.  See if Hye-Jin can take control of her life, getting it back on track before it pulls her into a downward spiral where there is no return.

Available in paperback and eBook (Kindle)