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Vista, CA

Quiz - Michaso



  1. What nationality is Hey Jin?
  2. How did Hey Jin come to be admitted in the Long Beach Mental Ward?She voluntarily committed herself.
  3. What is the name of the flower that her grandfather grew?
    Country Jasmine.
  4. Was Cameron (aka Lee Fullen) murdered?
  5. How did Reginald Chambers get involved?
    While celebrating his twenty-fifth birthday in the bar, Jonathan Weed approach Reggie and asks him to make him a promise.
  6. What super-natural phenomenon is the under-current for the entire book?
  7. What figure does intern Greg Offord represent from Hey Jin’s past?
    Her reincarnated grand-father.
  8. Who killed Cameron?
    Annalisa’s brother Mike.
  9. What big change did Cameron/Lee undergo?
    He became a Christian and tried to repent for his evil deeds.
  10. What is the significance of the painting of the three children matching up perfectly to the photograph intern Greg Offord took in the maternity ward?
    The first painting that Hey Jin painted was a premonition of her future life. She painted it over a year before intern Greg took the picture of his niece’s newborn baby girl.  The synchronicity and perfect match of the painting and the photograph conveys the beginning of Hey Jin’s, Cameron’s, Jonathan’s and her Grandfather’s reincarnated lives in the present to start another life together.